Friday, January 28, 2011

Going Local

It seems that buying local is in style. So, in keeping with the trend, I braved the snowy conditions today and visited the Wilton Road Custom Fibre Mill. Actually, I visited Room 1 of the Wilton Road Motel, which is where you go to purchase the Mill's products. I know---it sounds more like a place to do drug deals than a place to buy great fibre, but that's the way it is! This is what I bought:

The light on this snowy afternoon isn't  letting me get a good photo of this lovely merino/ bamboo blend. This is what it's intended for:

Pas de Valse
"Pas de Valse" by Marnie MacLean, from Twist Collective  

 I saw a version of this cardigan/jacket at my knitting group at Wool Tyme last night and fell in love with it. As soon as I finish the little alpaca cardi I'm knitting right now, this is what I want to start. It looks like the perfect piece for transitional wear later this spring. Are you looking ahead to something suited to a slightly warmer season?

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  1. Yes, it might be time to make the switch to the next season and that looks like a gorgeous sweater to do it with. I see the retail stores are way ahead of us. I was walking downtown in my coat with the hood up and a scarf wound around my neck looking in the window at a lovely sleeveless summer shift which was making me shiver. The mannikin looked cold.

    That yarn look gorgeous. I'll have to see about getting some.