Friday, April 22, 2011


It's Good Friday and just about everything is closed. However, it's sunny, if somewhat cold, and that makes a big difference in this season of non-spring. I've just spent the morning frogging a collar and re-doing it. Now, I'm going to write up the changes I made before I forget what I did. It's the details, especially the finishing details that make a piece of knitting beautiful. Some people are surprised when I talk about "finishing" a seamless garment, but that's only because they've always been so focused on the sewing aspect.

Finishing means lots of other things, such as casting off (many ways of doing this), picking up stitches for edgings, weaving in ends, sewing on buttons, blocking (I always wet-block), etc. I usually start to "finish" well before I get to the end of the knitting. 

Now, time to get going on the sleeves. I only hope my yarn doesn't run out!


  1. Beautiful sweater.. love the color and pattern.

  2. Hi! Followed you here from the Yarn Harlot's comments. Following up on your comment there: I had always thought that someone should come up with a way to dye the plastic Easter eggs - they could even be reusable! People in my house can eat eggs, but their enthusiasm for dyeing them when they were little far outstripped my ability to use them up.

    Happy Easter and Happy Spring - and great jacket, by the way.