Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Into Hibernation

With the Victoria Day weekend approaching, it's time to put the woollies into hibernation. This morning, I took them out of their basket by the front door and spread them out on the living room trunk/coffee table.

Over the next couple of days, I'll wash them, dry them, and stash them away in giant ziplock bags. I might try something new this year to deter moths. There's nothing worse than finding a favourite piece of knitting with a nasty little hole. I'm having brilliant success deterring squirrels in my window boxes with grated Irish Spring soap, so I'm thinking that a little piece of it in each bag might have the same effect on moths. Only problem-- all our stuff will end up stinking of Irish Spring too. There's a reason the squirrels stay away! Let me know what you do to keep moths away from your beautiful work.


  1. I put soap in with the woolens as well; but I use handmade soaps that have lots of eucalyptus or rosemary or other aromatic herbs. So far, I've been lucky and the woolies smell fabulous too!

  2. Thanks, Rose. I'll drop by our local natural foods store to see what they have.