Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I really want to get going on a new project, so this morning I did some swatching. I knit a lot of swatches. I have them piled up in a corner of the sunroom and maybe someday I'll put them all together to make a really interesting (and mis-matched) afghan. Here's the fruit of this morning's labours:

Briggs and Little Durosport in denim, size 4 mm needle. Yes, the fabric is biasing--a combination of the single-ply yarn and the diagonal stitch.
I was experimenting with a selvedge at the side edges. Bottom swatch on size 4.5 mm needle.
These photos are deceptive. My camera does not do justice to the richness of the blue. In fact, I chose the Durosport, which contains a bit of nylon, over the regular sport because of the gorgeous colour. Next up, Handmaiden's "Ottawa": 

From these photos, the handmaiden looks more exciting, but in real life, the Briggs and Little has more zing.
While out walking this afternoon, I passed by this old schoolhouse (now apartments).


Check out the wrought iron railing, which must be original to the building.


Reminded me of Natalie Servant's latest design, here.

Finally, look what I found in the middle of February.

If you live outside Canada, you probably have no idea how amazing this is!

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  1. Snowdrops! Kingston's pretty much tropical ;) I'll just be happy to see the rest of my driveway when all the ice melts.