Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Calming Influence

Have you ever seen this favourite old book of mine? Years ago, when it came out I used to peruse it for the inspired knitting patterns, never dreaming that I might want or be able to spin my own yarn. So, it is with pleasure that I present my very first homespun, handknit piece.

The pattern is Purl Soho's Bandana Cowl. The pattern calls for only 100 yards of yarn--perfect for the newbie drop spindle spinner. And look, I even have a little yarn left over!

Bill and I are toying with the idea of purchasing a new old house with a bit more room. The interior was featured in a local magazine last year. Spinning seems to keep me calm while we mull over the pros and cons. Pros include 4 bedrooms, a deluxe kitchen and huge closets. Cons include a less beautiful streetscape and we'd have to rent parking down the street. We're going to go out for dinner while we discuss the issues. I might do a lot of spinning tonight.


  1. Looks like a fun house. Lovely woodwork and floors. Good luck with your decision.

  2. Wonderful work! The cowl is beautiful.

    Wow, a house that big & no parking, that's a bummer. But of course it would be hard to be on a more beautiful street than you currently are.

  3. Ahhhh . . . . you've entered the Dark Side! You'll never look at yarn again without thinking about making it yourself! And then you'll buy a second wheel, maybe even invest in a carder. Then you'll need a class in dyeing . . . Nice cowl though.