Monday, May 14, 2012

The Trouble with Pantyhose

The concert on Friday was a big success, which is saying a lot since the average audience has difficulty with anything much before Bach. The only unexpected blip was that when I went to tune up backstage, I discovered that my viol felt slippery against my long, gauzy black skirt. Even bass viols are held between the legs without an endpin, unlike 'cellos. My little treble viol is meant to be held by the thighs. Jodhpurs would be the perfect performance costume. Very unladylike, though. After a few moments of panic, I realized that the real problem wasn't so much the skirt as the pantyhose underneath. The slippery, very sheer hose against the filmy skirt prevented me from getting a grip (literally). So, I rushed to the ladies' and removed the hose. Much better. Who needs pantyhose anyway? I've probably only worn them once every 3 or 4 years for the last 2 decades.
The knitting class also seemed a success.

Here's a view of the table at Janie H.'s during the class, with Sheila,

and Ruth working away at their sleeves.

We've had another perfect spring day here. It's lilac season. Lilacs seem to do particularly well in this climate, with huge clumps growing along the highway even far out in the countryside. I took this photo while out for my after dinner stroll this evening. The scent always takes me back to elementary school, when every May I would take a spray of lilacs from our garden to my teacher for her desk. Funny how our sense of smell is so strongly linked to memory.

Remember Lily Lane? Last winter I showed a grim photo of this location (see post titled "Dickensian"). It certainly has a different feel now.

The magnolia blooms are already carpeting the lawn up the street. Summer's not far off. (Note to self: this would be a good time to have the air conditioning in the car repaired.)


I'm off to Ottawa tomorrow to return the viol to the professor from whom I had it on loan. Be well.


  1. I'm glad you thought the concert was a success - I did too, and I especially loved the viols! As a cellist, I'm somewhat spoiled by having the endpin to help me out - if I ever take up viol-playing, I'll make a note to watch what I wear....

  2. Serves me right for not reading your blog every day, but you were in town yesterday? Oh well.

    And pantyhose is trouble. And expensive, especially for a klutz like me who can't help but ruin them within one or two wearings.