Monday, June 4, 2012

All Thumbs

As promised, here are the details of my version of the Newfoundland Mitts pattern (see link in last post).
1. I used US#5 dpns, not US#3's.
2. I ribbed for 20 rnds. Couldn't stand more than that. Boring, boring, boring!
3. For the thumb opening, I used a backward loop CO. I worked into the slightly loose CO sts normally, as if they were regular knitted sts on the succeeding row, BUT see below for how I treated them when picking up for the thumb.
4. I worked a total of 11 little portholes, windows, honeycombs, whatever you want to call them for my hand.
5. The thumb needed 18 sts rather than the smaller numbers suggested. I picked up 7 sts from the sts on hold on waste yarn, 7 from the backward loop CO, and 2 at either end. I worked into the BACK of all sts except for the sts on the waste yarn. This effectively closed any gaps for a nice, neat thumb join.
6. I worked the thumb for 19 rnds, counting the pickup rnd, then, because I wanted a more tapered thumb, I worked *k1, k2tog, rep from * on the 20th rnd.
7. For the 21st rnd, I knitted 2tog all the way around before drawing up all the remaining sts.

That's it.

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  1. Love the mittens, and thanks for the helpful hints.
    I just finished my 'hitchhiker' scarf and am very pleased with the result. I'm thinking of trying the mittens, incorporating your method, just have to finish a couple of baby items first.