Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Get it right."

"Get it right". These are EZ's words in Knitting Without Tears where she writes about her seamless saddle shoulder sweater. She was talking about creating the slope of the shoulders, but her words echoed in my brain all morning and afternoon today while I was sewing the buttons onto Isabel's jacket (still unnamed). Actually, I sewed on buttons, took them off, walked a couple of blocks to Gwyn Gryffon for new buttons, and then sewed again. Fortunately, this is the ONLY sewing needed for this jacket, 'cause I'm all sewed out.
I loved the original buttons, and so did Isabel. There was a sort of "elvish" quality to them, as if they'd been designed for LOTR. However, after I'd sewn on three, it  became apparent that they were way too heavy for the jacket. In fact, each button weighed this much.

That means that seven buttons would have come to almost 50g! The collar would have flopped uncontrollably. The new buttons weigh in at 4g each, or 28g all together. Much better.

This morning, before the whole button thing got going, I walked down to the market, where there seemed to be a lot of action.

Check these out. Too bad I don't have any little feet to buy for.

More action this afternoon when Kingston's gay pride parade went past on a nearby street,

complete with a military tank.

Time to chill with a little spinning and a mug of tea (Barry's, in case you're wondering).

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  1. Love that sweater! It looks gorgeous, stylish, and cozy!