Sunday, June 10, 2012

Let the Games Begin!

If you know me at all, you know that I love to knit top down. I like being able to try on a garment as it progresses, I like not having to cast on a ton of stitches at the outset, I like being able to control the final length of the body and sleeves. So, why am I making a bottom-up jacket? Well, I wanted to make double-knitted pockets to begin with. And I wanted to be able to make the cable run smoothly up the sleeves and saddle shoulder and neck (possible top down, but not quite as easy). And I wanted to be able to control the final height of the collar. And most of all I want the FUN of following Elizabeth Zimmermann's instructions in her classic Knitting Without Tears for a seamless saddle-shoulder sweater.
This morning I loaded up my 32" needle with the body and sleeves and now I'm eagerly looking forward to an afternoon of fun, fun, fun (OK, I also need to water and weed the garden, but that's not too horrible on a lovely June day).
On Friday we rented a car and drove to Ottawa, where Bill met up with a colleague at the University of Ottawa. I puttered about New Edinburgh, the part of the city adjacent to the Prime Minister's and Governor General's residences. This is where I grew up. Once a village in its own right, "the Burgh" boasts vintage Ontario Victorian architecture, like these two homes on MacKay (pronounced Mac-Eye) Street.

Yesterday, not wanting to waste our two car days, we drove to Prince Edward County and visited Waupoos Vineyard. 

The day was misty and cool, and the road had the feel of a coastal road along the sea, which I suppose it was if you consider the size of Lake Ontario.

Today has the promise of heat. With the students gone and the tourists not yet here in droves, this is the quietest and best time of all. Let the knitting games begin!

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  1. Sounds like a lovely drive - the vineyard part, at least.