Friday, July 20, 2012

Midsummer Colour

I know that technically "midsummer" refers to the solstice in June, but now is when the season actually feels like the middle of summer. We're having one of those perfect days--temperature in the mid-70sF (mid-20sC), low humidity, sunshine. In other words, apart from the drought, which seems to be widespread, beautiful. While my new waistcoat is drying in the warm sunshine (yes, I'm ready to reveal that the DSK project has turned into a waistcoat), I'm already casting on for two more of the same. The first in a rich damson purple for Isabel,

Cascade 220 in colour # 8885.

and the second in some Madelinetosh I picked up at the Knitters' Frolic in Toronto last spring.

Madelinetosh DK in "worn denim".
The waistcoat is super easy, with a charted pattern that involves nothing more than plain knitting for 5 of its 8 rows. There's some interesting waist shaping, a bit of nice textural detail on the pockets and on the back between the shoulders, and a lovely, feminine shawl collar. Photos soon, I promise.

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