Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Harriet: First Photos

It still needs to be blocked, but I can't resist showing off my newest jacket, "Harriet". I was definitely influenced by my Xmas holiday viewing of the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries (1987 version) with Harriet Vane's tweedy wardrobe.

The two bodice pieces are joined up the centre back with a 3-needle bind off. Then the flirty little peplum (can you say that about something tweedy?) is added at the end. The entire thing ends at the waist.

At last, an opportunity to use my ram's head buttons!

The Peace Fleece was a joy to work with. How can you not love a yarn with colourway names like  Kalinka Malinka Blue, Kamchatka Sea Moss, and (my fave) Brownie with Nuts! 


  1. This is a beautiful jacket and the buttons - perfect. Yummy yarn to boot!!

  2. Oh my.. this is gorgeous. I love everything about it!

    1. I'm glad you like it. A knitting shop acquaintance told me she didn't like the yarn because the cream flecks in the dark yarn were too contrasting. I love it, but I'm aware it's a colourway people might either love or hate. When I do a version for Isabel for the pattern photo, I'll use a more universally likeable colourway and one that will show the directional nature of the knitting a bit more.

  3. It's perfect! Very Harriet. And the buttons works so well. Great job. I can't wait to see it in another color. :)