Sunday, January 27, 2013


Quintessential: of the pure and essential essence of something; representing the most typical or perfect example of a quality or class.
On Friday evening, while walking with Isabel over to the University, I encountered what must be the quintessential sound of winter in Canada--the sound of hockey pucks echoing off the boards of an outdoor rink. We live a couple of blocks away from the City Park, where every winter two outdoor rinks are established--a large one surrounded by boards and safety nets for hockey, and a smaller one for everyone who doesn't want a hockey puck in the face. Our recent freeze has at last made the skaters happy. Even though we have only a dusting of snow (I'm not complaining), the rinks have frozen up. I'm not a hockey fan, and neither is anyone else in the family, but the sound of hockey pucks slamming against the boards was part of my childhood, and it's good to be back in Canada where sub-zero temperatures are no deterrent to enjoying a bit of fun.

A quintessential sight in a Canadian winter is wool socks drying over radiators and banisters. Yes, those are packing boxes in the background and the house is definitely starting to look a little bare. It's always a surprise that a space looks so much smaller when it is empty.

The sideways jacket is nearing completion. Really, I'm astonished that this design is proceeding in such an uninhibited manner in the midst of all the packing.

I'll take it as a sign that this jacket is meant to be a success!

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  1. All the best for the move. I'm sure both will be a success!!