Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wind Chill

So far, we've had a relatively mild winter. But last night a gale blew up off the lake and the temperature started to drop. It still looks mild, because we have no snow,

City Park
Emily Street
but the wind chill is dangerous, and have a look at the lake in the background. Lots of whitecaps, and

Bottom of William Street (my street).

big surf.

Good thing I was equipped with boots,

                                                                      and wool socks.
Brookline socks.
I'll be wearing even more wool later this week when our daytime highs are predicted to be minus 16C.  Maybe the lake will finally freeze.


  1. Your photos of the lake inspire me to go down to the water tomorrow! So pretty.

  2. We've got ice and snow. I'm happy to share some of it with you. Those are some cozy looking socks.

    1. No need to share the ice and snow. Why do you think we settled here, not Ottawa, after all our years in Washington?