Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Why is it that odd bits and pieces of information come to mind when you wake up in the middle of the night? This seems to happen most often at moments of turbulence and change, such as we are experiencing in the run-up to moving day. I am THE ORCHESTRATOR, the manager, the person-in-charge (the nag). I am the one who realizes at 3:00 a.m. that we will have a 24-hour window to get a copy of our transfer deed to the City in order to meet the deadline for requests for monthly automatic debits for our property taxes (this is because we won't own the property until Feb. 14 and the deadline for requests is the 15th). I am the one who knows that the junk guy needs to be scheduled to drop by our place next Monday (we have a one-bag limit for garbage in Kingston, not counting our compost bin), and I am the only one who knows (or cares) that the bathroom will need a good cleaning the night before the movers come.
So, thank goodness for knitting. It's keeping me sane. I've started on a variation of "Wakefield Redux" for Isabel in a deep inky blue. She is adamantly not a hearts and bobbles person, so she's getting an interesting cable, Barbara Walker's "Superimposed Double Wave", from p. 254 of her first Treasury. I'd show it to you, but I just frogged a couple of inches after realizing that I forgot to mirror-image the cables. It's that kind of week.
I do have some photos of the Lucy scarf I'm making from my handspun merino/silk. Considering that it's my travel knitting and that the last time I worked on it was last Thursday while listening to a lecture at Grant Hall by Geoffrey Simpson, it's growing surprisingly well.

I couldn't resist photographing it on top of Lisa Lloyd's inspiring book. Note that said book remains unpacked in order to provide much needed periodic emotional lifts.

I'll have another opportunity to work on the scarf next Sunday when I attend a concert at St. George's.

View out our bedroom/sunroom window.
At this rate, it'll be done just in time for spring, though apparently, that might still be some time in coming.

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  1. Yes! Exactly! Of course I've got over a year to worry about the little things. Best of luck over the next couple of weeks. Breathe. Knit. Spin. It'll all work out.