Tuesday, February 26, 2013


In the last 24 hours we've had the plumber and the electrician here, taking care of minor stuff. While they did their thing, I re-attached the double wave cable jacket to its needle. Here it is fresh from blocking,

all drapey and soft. Before blocking it was quite compressed due to the fact that aran stitches are basically a form of ribbing. The length is just what I wanted it to be. Yay! I love the feeling of movement in this stitch pattern.
We're finally getting a glimpse (no more, alas) of spring. See the open water? Wait, that's not actually thawed ice; I just realized that it's the ferry channel. Darn.

While on a trip earlier today to pick up lentils, tomato paste, walnuts, and figs, I noticed a high school class at the city rink. Don't you think gym class should always be this much fun?

As you can see from the removal of clothing, above, the air temperature is decently above freezing. The ice age is beginning to recede (that's grass at right),

 to be replaced by the age of --

mud, water, and slush.

The boxwoods at the front of the house are emerging,

and the freeze/thaw cycle is creating "sugar" snow.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature is just flirting with us. The forecast for tomorrow is (you guessed it) more snow. Sigh.

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  1. I attended high school in Wisconsin & gym class was often ice skating. Loved your pictures.