Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Knowing When to Quit

The predicted snow arrived overnight, temporarily giving an impression (false) of freshness and cleanliness to our March world.

By early afternoon, the temperature was above freezing, the sun came out, everything glistened and melted and we were all in a (somewhat) happy frame of mind. I thought it would be nice to light our first fire in the living room fireplace and went so far as to remove the chimney balloon, only to realize that I needed to consult with a fireplace expert regarding what might once have been an ash removal vent at the base of the floor. I figured out how to re-insert the balloon, and considered washing my mouth out with soap after inflating it left a distinct taste of something unpleasant barbequed. While the dinner was cooking, I coaxed Isabel outside in the late afternoon sunshine for some photos. As if on cue, after a couple of test shots, the sun went out and gale-force winds blew off the lake, dropping the temperature to somewhere that had my fingers turning numb in seconds.

Needless to say, it's tricky to get your model to do much other than hunch over and grimace under such conditions. This is all I could get today.

 I know when to quit!

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