Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I'm taking a break from Glenora for a couple of days (more about that later), and with that corner of my mind freed up, I seem today to have a fascination with things botanical, especially vines. I hung the plaster plaque purchased years ago at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in the second-floor hallway near the rear window.

This is the sort of piece for which Bill has total disdain. "It's not real art", he insists. I love it and don't care. I've purposely placed it next to this view, and just outside the doorway of the room with these stencils,

and these botanically decorated eggs. More vines on the pitcher.

Clearly, I have vines on the brain. Somehow, I couldn't help but admire these growing up the gold-tinted walls of a local law office,

and these twirling their way up the front of our house.

Even the dormant trailing stems overflowing the urn in our front garden seemed lovely in the afternoon sun.

I must be losing my sanity!
Glenora (that's the name it will have unless Isabel can come up with a better one), the double wave cable jacket, is resting on the floor of the library after a blocking session. The collar is done; only the sleeves remain.

This is really just a version of the Wakefield Jacket with a different cable panel. You'd think it would be simply a matter of substituting one chart for another, but nothing is ever that simple. There are number adjustments to be made before I can make it available, not to mention the chart to do up. I'm going to have a go at using chart software, I think.
Tomorrow I'm off to Ottawa on an errand. I'll take this to keep me busy.

It's "Lucy", in Elann's Baby Cashmere.

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