Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Different Kind of Design

It's been a year since I gave up on our car. I've joined our local car share, Vrtucar, and for long road trips I take out an Avis rental using our bank card points. I had a car last weekend and decided at long last to visit "Unraveled" in Merrickville, about an hour and 15 minutes drive from Kingston.

That's Beckie, the owner, with a customer. We don't have a shop like this in Kingston, so I really spent a lot of money enjoyed myself. There are some Rowan products on my stash shelf that weren't there before. The Felted Tweed DK is, in my view, a good buy, considering the yardage it yields. 
Yesterday I made an excursion closer to home to pick up some perennials for the garden. The previous owner of our house was great at hardscape design, but not so great in her plant choice, especially in the shady areas of the garden. The back garden needed more diversity in foliage colour and texture. Come to think of it, garden design isn't all that different from knitting design. I started off by heading east, where I was forced to stop while the bridge was raised at the causeway over the Cataraqui River.

Then I drove along the St. Lawrence, almost all the way to Gananoque to "Made in the Shade", my favourite perennial place.

Laura, the owner, is incredibly helpful. I'll plant this haul over the next few days. Still too early in the season to plant annuals. Lots of people do, but smart gardeners wait until the Victoria Day weekend, to be sure of a frost-free start. 
With Zora taken care of, and my knitted sample sent off for a certain fall publication, I'll turn my knitting attention to Harriet. Now, what yarn will I choose from my stash? 

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  1. Great Joy! I love to visit new yarn shops and certainly purchasing yarn is way too much fun. I thought my gardening days had passed (much nasty arthritis) but, my son with whom I live, has started Aquaponics in our garage and suddenly I can garden again. The tomatoes and beans are racing up from starters and seeds. AND now Harriet too. Life is just a lot of fun!