Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lake Effect

The air temperature is up today, although not as much as in Toronto or Ottawa where there were heat advisories, but the lake is still cold. Result? Mist. A lovely sort of cool, hazy mist that hung over the land at dawn, as you can see from this view from our third-floor window at about 6:00 a.m.

While I was waking up with a cup of tea, the milkman made his way up the street. I could hear the fog horn from the ferry when I opened the door to say hello.

After breakfast, I hopped on my bike and pedalled down to the Olympic Harbour where the Kingston Handloom Spinners and Weavers were having their weekly get-together. I tried out a spinning wheel for the first time. Who knew that working the treadle to maintain an even speed could demand such concentration? Not yet sure whether wheel spinning is for me.
I left just before lunch and took a spin along the lakefront through the Portsmouth District, across this narrow bridge,

with a view over the still misty water. A possible sweater photo venue? I think so.
The second sleeve of Harriet's Jacket is done and the pattern is almost entirely written up. I'm looking forward to receiving the garnet coloured wool in the mail so that all will be in readiness for the knitting up of Isabel's version. I swear she must be the best dressed student (from a knitter's point of view) at Queen's.

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  1. Your pictures make Kingston look like one of the world's most inviting tourist destinations. They are so enjoyable to see on your blog. Thanks. And a milkman? In 2013? How wonderful