Friday, May 3, 2013


Spring is often described by weather forecasters as a "transitional" season. You see this term in the fashion industry too. I think it's the most difficult season to dress for. The day can start out at 5C and end at 25C. If you go out the door at 9 a.m. wearing socks, by 3:00 in the afternoon you wish you were wearing sandals. What to do? Layers, of course, and lightweight, airy little knits. I like to wear loose knit trousers in the spring (and fall). My favourites are from Cut Loose. Jeans are good at this time of year too (really, they're terrible in the heat of summer and the freezing temps of January). I start the day with clogs and socks, then remove the socks as the day warms up. For tops, I like Cut Loose's sleeveless linen V-necks. Not dressy, but not sloppy either. I pair them with Buttonbox and a big loose linen shirt worn as a jacket, or with my Perth Cardi. I chuck the knits when it starts to heat up.
The desire for lightweight warmth is probably what's driven me to experiment today with this--

 a bit of mohair fluff and fern lace combine to make a top-down spring cardigan in grass green.
Along with the good things about the season,

come the not so good.

We're inundated with mayflies. They're so small they get through the screens on the windows, collecting in ugly puddles in the window wells. Disgusting!

They'll be over in another week and I'll vacuum them up until next year. Down by the lake, where they hatch before their short lives are done (less than a day each), they make life miserable, even though they don't bite. Joggers and cyclists have been seen with scarves wrapped over their faces, and knitting models have to brave annoying swarms.
I took Isabel down to the water yesterday after dinner to take advantage of the evening light, but it turned out to be next to impossible to get a decent photo. See how the photographer couldn't seem to get the horizon straight because she was so busy swatting at flies?

And the model couldn't seem to keep her hands from doing the same.

Apart from the flies, it was a lovely evening, the lake glassy smooth and the distant wind turbines barely moving.

I hope to bring out "Zora" on Ravelry early next week.

It's Friday, so that means recipe day. This week it's really a component for a recipe--homemade pizza sauce. This couldn't be easier, and it's beyond me why anyone purchases the pre-packaged stuff, especially given its sodium content.

Pizza Sauce

I small can tomato paste, about 1/3 c
1/2 c water
1/2 tsp dried basil
1/2 tsp dried oregano
1/4 tsp salt (remember, the cheese you're going to put on your pizza is full of salt)

Mix together, then spread on pizza dough.

That's it! Next week, pizza dough and some topping ideas. I'm sure you have your faves.

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