Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Zora on Ravelry

The idea for "Zora" came about because I wanted to knit a "Wakefield Redux" for Isabel to model. "No way,"she said, "I''m not a hearts and bobbles person". Around the same time, another knitter told me that she didn't feel she could wear Wakefield as she was big-busted and really didn't want bobbles marching down her frontage. Fair enough. Thus Zora was born for knitters who liked the general silhouette of Wakefield but not the sentimental hearts and attention-grabbing bobbles.
The superimposed double wave cable pattern is adapted from Barbara Walker's first Treasury. I say adapted, because I made it grow a little wider to suit my needs. You'd think that having done that, all I'd need to do would be to plug it into the Wakefield directions. Alas, life is never that simple. The new panel was 20 stitches wide as opposed to the old 21-stitch panel, and this necessitated a lot of number changes. The most important thing for you to know is that the finished widths for Zora are all one inch smaller than the measurements for Wakefield. Anyone who has made Wakefield and wants now to add Zora to their collection needs to keep this in mind when choosing a size. The version you see  below is knitted in Elann's Sierra, which has some alpaca in it for drape, but this design can work well in any wool blend yarn that works up at 4 1/2 sts per inch. Think Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter, Quince & Co's Lark, or Diamond's Galway.


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  1. This is such a pretty sweater with all your thoughtful trademarks! I LOVE that there is no ribbing running around the hips!! Your daughter is lovely and makes your all your hard work look grand.

    1. Thanks, Carol. Don't know what I'll do for a model when she graduates from university and leaves home! This photo was taken during the mayfly onslaught. It's a miracle anything turned out from that session.

  2. I'm with Isabel: I am also not a bobbly type. (However, given Isabel's hairdo, I wouldn't be surprised if she has a touch of romance about her somewhere else.) It's a lovely pattern!

  3. Isabel's hairdo is entirely my doing. She's a true geek with little interest in clothes, hair, or makeup. Which makes me the romantic, I guess!

  4. I also agree with Isobel about the bobbles - just what I don't need either! But, as you've shown, the Wakefield shape can be modified beautifully with a cable or five. Love it. I like how different a pattern makes it.I think you have another hit on your hands!!!
    But, ButtonBox really took my fancy. I like it in the rustic looking yarn the best & may even get my butt in gear & spin that light grey fleece I have in the closet just for it. 'Course, I DO have that Dalesman yarn in Raspberry too . . .