Friday, June 28, 2013

Ready, Set....Wait?

Harriet, the pattern is written up, proofread, and ready to go. All that's missing is a great photograph ( or two or three). Unfortunately, it's raining and the forecast is for more over the next few days. This is our Canada Day weekend, so the weather is all the more unwelcome, especially to all those Canadians heading to their cottages. (Although, come to think of it, some of my very best cottage memories are of snuggling up with a good book by the fireplace with the gentle pitter pat of raindrops on the roof in the background.) Surely, we'll get a few breaks from the wet, and when that happens, you can be sure I'll be dragging Isabel outside for a little photo session. In the meantime, here's a peek at the finished jacket, all blocked and ready for action, dangling off the edge of one of our deep our windowsills.

Yesterday, in the early evening before the rain began, I took a walk around the block on my way to scout out a possible photo venue. These lovely homes date from the 1820s through the 1840s.

Wonderful places, but I have something less distracting in mind as a backdrop. See you next week. Happy Canada Day.


  1. Oh I've so enjoyed the evolution of this pattern. It may not suit my body type or knitting skills but I'm determined to make it come what may. Sunshine forecast for Manitoba this weekend - Happy Canada Day!

    1. It's been fun to develop this in public view. Usually, designers work away secretly since most publications aren't interested in something that's already had a public airing. I decided early on that I wanted to retain control over this jacket design and that decision has given me the freedom to blog about its progress. Now, if only the weather would cooperate!

  2. You are one of the best knitters on the internet Liz. Truly beautiful work.

  3. Fantastic work and great pattern. Love the buttons too. Those houses are gorgeous!!