Monday, June 24, 2013


I'm done with the knitting portion of Isabel's jacket. Here it is with the loose ends hanging out and before any blocking (translation: it'll look a lot better after those things happen).

Wish I'd made this colour for myself. Reminds me of the rich colours of the costume worn by the character "Jill" in the old, really old, BBC production of C.S. Lewis's "Silver Chair". Odd, isn't it, how something like that from a quarter century ago comes back to mind? Clearly, the Elizabethan-style costumes made an impression on me.
The eagle-eyed will have noticed that the peplum on this version is longer, or rather, it starts higher before flaring out. That's because of the fact, which I believe I've pointed out earlier, that the construction method causes the length to grow (or shrink) in proportion to the width. Since Isabel is tiny around, her jacket is therefore proportionately shorter, requiring a little extra length below the bodice to bring the total length to her hips. Don't worry, the pattern instructions are VERY carefully and (I think) simply written to explain how to accommodate different sizes and shapes.
The button problem has come to an extremely happy conclusion.

I'm in love with these. Might have to put them on something of my own.

Best of all, just as I was finishing up the knitting, a big box arrived in the mail full of this, just like a reward for all my work.

This is the wool I plan to use for a Harriet's Jacket KAL. Hmm...I wonder how those buttons would look with it...