Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"These Are Important"

When I first did a sketch of what I had in mind for Harriet's Jacket, it looked like this.

The lower "skirt" was a bit longer, and the shape of the lower hem was less angled, but it is essentially the same idea. What is significant is that I made a note on the page about the buttons--"These are important". Somehow, in the process of knitting a second version of the jacket, I had forgotten that. Then I realized it and at the same time knew that none of the buttons I auditioned in my earlier post was "important" enough. Nothing I had was right. So, I did what I've done before. I stopped by the little wool shop three blocks from my front door and there they were.

These are larger than the others I looked at, and I admit to stretching the buttonholes a little bit to make them fit. In the written pattern I'll include a couple of sizes of buttonhole. Having options is good.
In case anyone wonders why I chose a relatively plain yarn (Elann's Peruvian Highland Chunky) for this version for myself, it's because I wanted a photo that would show the stitch texture and direction.

 And you can't even see the trash bins leaning against the wall where I took this!


  1. Oh! It is wonderful. I wasn't sure I would like the sweater with a peplum, but it's perfect. (I can see that the original version has a peplum but somehow I was thinking longer and not wanting that for myself.)Well worth all of your frogging and trying again. I had to chuckle at your marvelous buttons they are so like the ones I've chosen for my sweater.

    So, did your garnet yarn for your daughter's sweater arrive? I think it will be beautiful in any color.

    1. Yes, I have it. I'm also considering whether to knit a new version in another colour of Peace Fleece-"Brownie with Nuts".

  2. I love this cardigan and will definitely be making it - love the buttons too!!

  3. Deb from KingstonJune 12, 2013 at 6:34 PM

    Now THAT is an absolute winner. Bien fait!