Monday, July 1, 2013

Harriet's Jacket on Ravelry

During the week between Christmas, 2012 and New Year’s Day, 2013, I spent my spare time viewing the 1987 three-part Lord Peter Wimsey TV mystery series. In the middle episode, “Have His Carcass”, Harriet Vane wears an astonishingly beautiful collection of handknits while she roams the lonely northern coast of Britain. My jacket was designed with her tweedy, romantic style in mind. Although it in no way resembles any of the actual garments worn by her character, it looks as though it would be at home in the same setting.

The construction is based on an idea sparked by Carol Anderson’s “Babies and Bears for Grownups” jacket, a design which I loved making, but which never quite worked for me in terms of fit or style. I’ve taken the same basic concept, starting at the cuffs and knitting toward the centre, but I’ve made the arms slimmer, changed the neckline to a flattering V-neck with a graceful shawl collar, and added shape to the body by knitting down after the centre-back join to create a short peplum. Great fun to knit; just as much fun to wear!

You have no idea how difficult it is to coerce an otherwise busy computer science student to take half an hour to walk a couple of blocks (no more!) for a few photos. After a few pouty shots, and the promise of a burger meal at The Works, I managed to squeeze these photos out of Isabel.

On our way home from the restaurant, we stopped to rent a couple of videos (The Hobbit and the first season of Homeland, the latter of which which neither of us has seen), then started to walk home. "Look at that!", exclaimed Isabel.

Truly an amazing cloud over the city. No storm, though, and we ended the evening in comparative peace (emotionally as well as meteorologically).
P.S. A quick look on Ravelry will tell you that I've suggested three possible wools for Harriet. It's good to have options. More on that next time.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. I have recently discovered your designs and I'm extremely tempted to cast on for one of your cardigans or sweaters, despite not having knitted a full-size garment for a long time (I have only ever knitted one sweater that fit well). I think Harriet's jacket is my favourite at the moment, and I've really enjoyed reading your design process.
    Your daughter may have been an unwilling model, but the cardigan really suits her!

  2. What a beautiful jacket (and daughter). I remember discovering the Peter Wimsey books when I was in junior high - I just wanted to BE Harriet Vane. Thanks for naming the jacket in honour of her - I will make one and pretend to be her every time I wear it.