Friday, August 30, 2013


Readers of this blog know that superwash yarns are not my favourites. Too often they behave badly during wet blocking and result in a garment that loses shape and a fabric that loses body. Until now, the only superwash I've been really satisfied with is Lanett Babyull, which for some reason does not do those things. So, it is with excitement that I have discovered not just one wool, but a whole line of superwash that I really love. It's from Shelridge Farm, now owned by Lyn Gemmell. While the wool itself is sourced internationally (mostly from Australia), it's spun here in Ontario and dyed into a huge palette of colours by Lyn herself. Lyn sent me a couple of sample skeins ages ago, but I only got around to knitting a swatch this last week. The swatch you see below has been soaked in water and dried without any change at all in its finished size. I think this is because of the twist in the spinning.

Note the great stitch definition. The wool is soft enough to wear next to the skin, but retains its body after washing. I dried the swatch flat, as I would do with a garment. I'm so in love with this wool, that right away I called Lyn to order enough skeins for a new design. Check back to see what ensues.

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  1. Ruth in Ontario, CanadaAugust 30, 2013 at 12:17 PM

    I've also had some unhappy experiences with superwash wool, so it's good to know about this one that seems to behave itself when washed. Thanks!