Thursday, August 15, 2013


New from Twist Collective:

The idea for this hat and mitts set originated in the work of William Morris (1834-1896). As an artist and medievalist who influenced the Arts and Crafts movement and writers such as J.R.R. Tolkien, his textile designs have a lot to offer up as inspiration. I wanted to evoke the dense botanical look of his work in a simplified format, and with only 21 stitches to work with across the back of the hand for the smallest size, my canvas was pretty small. To add textural richness to the vine pattern, I incorporated little French knots, as well as Latvian braid and a picot edge. 
Check out the other beautiful designs in the new Fall 2013 issue. I especially love that one of the models is an attractive older woman.


  1. Already bought my pattern! Checking with elann I see that this is a worsted weight yarn? Can that be correct? I certainly like this pattern and the fact that Twist used an older lady to model their garments.

  2. hmm thought i posted last night. bought my pattern yesterday and have a nice simmering stash of the exact yarn to use.

    finally had a chance to look at TWIST and agree with that model