Monday, September 23, 2013

At the Mothership

It's been a while since my last post, and I've been busy. First, there was my trip to Toronto to the DKC's fashion show celebrating Twist Collective's fifth anniversary. The trip there was hellish--the train that was supposed to take me never arrived because it was the one in the huge collision in Ottawa. We all got on board a later train, only to have it stop at Oshawa for a gas leak on the tracks ahead. At that point several of us grabbed a taxi and split the fare to Union Station, where I emerged into rush hour amidst a sea of people. Let's keep things in perspective, though. An eight-hour trip instead of the usual two-hour journey is way better than death or injury in an accident. And in a humorous moment, Twist's Carly and I linked up unintentionally on a subway platform, after we recognized each other from our photos. You can see photos from the show here, including Kate Gilbert's dad wearing my Sandridge.
I stayed overnight with Fiona Ellis (in her wool room, actually), and when I asked her where to shop the next day, she started off the list with Romni Wools, or as she calls it, "The Mothership". It's not beautiful, in the way of smaller yarn boutiques, but it's chock full of the classics. When I saw the wall of Galway in every available colour, all I could think of was, "Be still my beating heart!" I did so much damage at Romni that I had to have my purchases shipped back to Kingston. There's a sweater quantity of watermelon-hued mohair that's calling to me from somewhere in the Canada Post system.
Believe it or not, I took no photos during the entire odyssey to TO and back. Between hauling around my Twist sweaters in a rolling backpack and coping with the ocean of humanity on the TTC, I feel I did well not to lose my wallet, my glasses, or anything else critical.
Once home, it was back to work on the Petrova test knit.

This was taken before I united the sleeves with the body; I'm almost done the saddle shoulders now, but don't have a photo to prove it.
It seems as though fall is coming on more quickly than usual. The Boston Ivy on the old schoolhouse out our back window is my indicator of the stage of the season. It's now clearly changing colour,

 and the garden in front of Sydenham Elementary School definitely has a fall look to it.

Yesterday, there were students playing organized quidditch on Cricket Field.

Look very closely and you'll see them carrying brooms between their legs--very silly looking, but sometimes silliness leads to the best fun.
Today, Bill and I drove to Picton. We had our usual lunch at Miss Lily's, and stopped at an apple orchard on the way home.

Warm applesauce for dessert tonight. Yum!

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