Thursday, September 26, 2013


In an act of spontaneity, James and I took the Wolfe Island Ferry yesterday evening for dinner at the Wolfe Island Grill. We were walk-ons, and soon began chatting with the only other walk-on passengers on our side of the ferry, a couple visiting Canada from Tasmania. So interesting! She was a marine biologist, with time spent in Antarctica. The surprise for them? There's so much water in Canada. "It's like a giant sponge", they said, after driving down from Ottawa through the Rideau Lakes.
We met up with them again on the Island, where they joined us at the Grill. Then we got back on the ferry and watched the sun set over Lake Ontario.

Today I'm working on the collar of Petrova. I feel as though I've been knitting this collar for weeks, when it's actually been less than 24 hours. That's what happens when you're dealing with six inches of wide cowl-neck.
I'm already looking forward to the next project. You can see the colours in the lower left here.

Have I  been influenced by yesterday's sunset, or is it the result of the "Fiona Effect", after a night spent in Fiona Ellis's condo with orange walls and bright green skeins of wool?

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