Friday, September 6, 2013

Frosh Week '13

We live on the edge of the campus of Queen's University. This means that our lives inevitably follow the rhythms of the academic year. After a blissfully quiet summer, the students have returned for Frosh Week.

These photos were taken in the City Park, a block from our house, around noon today. It being Friday, things are definitely heating up. For my American readers, these activities are a ritual for Canadian first years. In the absence of frats and sororities, the students are organized by faculty--I think these were Arts and Science frosh. You can tell they're not engineers because they're not painted purple. There were still some parts of the park uninhabited by frosh. For instance, the playground was off limits.

I love the way that this tree has deliberately been placed for climbing. If I were five years old, it would be a favourite hangout.
The Great War memorial was empty of students, although the music and cheers weren't far away.

Back to the house,

where my first completed skein of handspun for the Zora project is drying out.

I'm getting better with practice. Much more even, don't you think?

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