Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's Easy Being Green

Do you ever get into a colour jag? I'm not sure why, but I suspect a lot of us do from time to time. I'm into green at the moment. Given that my maiden name was Green, and I have green eyes, it's surprising that I haven't had this urge to make green things sooner.
Tweedy, chunky green,

and fine, bright sock yarn green.

What you see above is the cast-on for a new Fibonacci Neckerchief. The yarn is Fleece Artist's BFL Sock. I'm itching to keep going on it, but am restraining myself since this is supposed to be my train knitting for tomorrow's trip to Toronto to participate in Twist Collective's fifth anniversary fashion show. The green matches the brilliant green of the Boston Ivy leaves dangling down at the top of our living room window, and due to be trimmed in the next couple of weeks.

Could it be that my current green obsession is because a corner of my brain knows that by next month at this time there won't be any green left, and I'll have to wait until next spring for more?
P.S. The only un-green thing I'm working on is my "Spinning for Zora" project. Three 100g skeins completed,

and a fourth drying after plying and washing this morning. That's a whole other obsession worth an entire post.  

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