Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Thing About Lace

I'm not much of a shawl wearer. When I get dressed up, it's most often to perform early music (BTW, last Thursday's concert went very well), and you can't wield a bow with a shawl draped over your shoulders. Neither can you wear one under a coat, which unfortunately is a required garment in this climate for too many months of the year. I tend to use one in the cooler months while sitting at my computer in our third floor library/studio. So, I don't spend much time knitting or designing shawls. That is not to say that I don't love lace. And the thing I especially love about lace is the magical transformation that occurs from blocking. Even yesterday's little swatch, after a dunking in a cereal bowl of lukewarm water and some stretching out on a tea towel on the kitchen counter, has become a thing of beauty.

Unfortunately, the soft and drapey BFL/alpaca/bamboo/nylon blend has been discontinued (I discovered this yesterday evening while perusing Ravelry), but I have plans for something even lovelier in my stash.

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