Monday, November 25, 2013

Spinning Update, and a Sneakpeek

Just because I now have a spinning wheel doesn't mean I've forsaken my spindles. When you really want to zone out and slide into a vegetative meditative state, there's nothing like drop spindle spinning. On the spindle now, is this:

It's "Raspberry Splash", from Hanks in the Hood. With the spindle, I feel that I have more control over the process (this is undoubtedly due to my inexperience with the wheel), and I find it easier to spin a fingering-weight yarn. I may end up plying this on the wheel. That's yet to be determined...
Off the wheel, there's this, the first of my Rhinebeck purchases semi-completed:

This is a nice worsted-weight yarn spun from shetland fleece dyed by Fiber Optics. I'm obviously in a raspberry colour jag. What can I say? The colour becomes me, and it goes with all those bluey-greys in my wardrobe. Now I have to decide what to do with it. Another cowl? Mitts? (I'd probably have to add some commercial wool to eke it out.) NOT a hat; I have a beret I love to wear and don't want another just now. Ideas?
Finally, a second sneak peek at a design currently in progress.

It's a bit wonky looking in its unblocked state, but I can't wait to wear it!

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