Saturday, December 7, 2013

Raspberry Sorbet

I've been working away on my vanilla cocoon jacket for a few days, and maybe the weather has gotten to me, because this morning I just had to get these out of the stash,

and start a new Westport Cowl.

It's the same fingering/ lace-weight mohair combo I used before, but this time I think I'll make it shorter--an indoor cowl. The mohair is Rowan Kidsilk Haze, and the fingering is something unidentifiable. It seems to have lost its label, but my best guess is that it's hand-dyed merino/silk from Fleece Artist. 
I've only knitted a few rounds, but I think I've got the urge out of my system for a bit. I'm going back to vanilla this afternoon, but I'll keep the raspberry sorbet on the window sill in case I need refreshment. 
Before lunch, I toddled on down to the market for a few things. There were Xmas trees for sale, all bundled up for taking home on the roof of your car,

 there were trees opened out, looking (and smelling) as fresh as the moment they were cut,

there were skaters,

and horses,

and doorways dressed up for the season.

Are you in the mood yet?


  1. How I wish we had an ice rink like yours. But how does that happen without snow?

    1. It's true that our snow has gone. But it's still cold. That's all you need for ice! The city floods the rink (and also all the neighbourhood rinks) throughout the winter.