Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Styling "Harriet's Jacket"

I've noticed, since taking up designing, that knitters seem to enjoy learning about HOW I wear my handknits. It seems there are lot of knitters out there who make stuff but aren't sure how to wear it. Granted, I'm never going to make it onto the style pages of the Globe and Mail, but then we knitters have our own sense of style, don't we? I knit for myself and my family; if something's not getting worn, then there's something wrong with the design, at least as far as I'm concerned. And I like to keep in mind that a handknit doesn't have to be complicated to be a wonderful part of one's wardrobe. Some of the best designs rely on simple shapes done in beautiful yarns.
All this is just a preamble to showing you how I like to wear "Harriet's Jacket". You've probably noticed that I have a fondness for neutrals, and so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I've styled Harriet in shades of grey (with hints of blue).

When you're going for a monochromatic look, it helps to have different textures going on. Here you see the jacket with a crushed velour tunic from Cut Loose and grey bamboo/cotton leggings purchased from Chris Reynolds up in Westport. I have five pairs of these leggings in different colours--they're the best fitting ones for my small stature that I've ever come across. I've added these boots (not the socks--there's such a thing as wearing too much handknitted stuff at once),

and these favourite silver earrings which have an artisanal feel, purchased here in Kingston at Stirling.

Notice how my Fibonacci Neckerchief fills in Harriet's neckline perfectly. My big red bag completes the look.

As you can see, our snow has disappeared, although the temperature remains quite cold. I drove up to Westport (not to buy leggings!) a couple of days ago, and all the lakes were frozen.

Yes, that's ice, not water, in these pics.

Not much to show in the knitting department. That's because I'm working on things for future publication that can't be shown. I can, however show you how my Westport Cowl has grown.


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