Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pretty in Plum

Wheatsheaves, the pattern, is written up, and about to be test knitted. I took a break today to play with a beautiful yarn, Sandnes' Silk and Mohair, a wonderful mohair, silk, and wool confection that offers up massive yardage per ball.

The last photo is of the swatch blocking. Mohair is so difficult to photograph. Yes, it's the same lace pattern as in Wheatsheaves. I was curious to see how it would come out in mohair. Don't know whether I'm up for knitting a version in this beautiful stuff. It definitely requires more concentration than plain old wool. But the notion of a floaty, softly feminine cardigan has a lot of appeal at this grimmest time of the year.

This is a view of the Lake from the bottom of my street yesterday afternoon. I believe it was colder than Antarctica, and I'm not kidding about that!

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  1. Just done a bit of catching up on your blog (I'm always behind on blog reading). I can't believe how cold it is at yours!! It makes for beautiful photographs but boy am I glad that when we are in the midst of our Big Freeze (as the UK has to have one every year - the Brits have a very short memory for weather events and every one of them is something Big), it is only hovering around zero or maybe a little below.
    Love love love Wheatsheaves, looking forward to the published pattern. I think it looks beautiful in white and it looks beautiful on you!