Friday, January 3, 2014

Worser and Worser

Our winter nightmare continues. Minus 25 before wind chill this morning. Just for fun, I checked the forecast in Sochi. It doesn't even get below freezing at night there, and it's the middle of winter. What's up with that? How can they hold a winter Olympics without winter?
Not wishing to brave the cold to go grocery shopping, we're eating slightly strange meals. Acorn squash stuffed with black beans and garlic. Pasta with tomato and red lentil sauce. You get the picture. At least it's healthy. And at least today is sunny. How am I keeping busy without going stir crazy? Here's a sampling of what I did today.

1. Worked on the chart for Wheatsheaves and finished the first draft of the pattern.

2. Spent an hour with this,

and this,

so as to be ready for a rehearsal tomorrow.

3. Took out these,

 and this,
and decided to make a new swatch in my chosen yarn (I'll keep you guessing about that).
Incidentally, the above book by Susanna Lewis is still available and, if you're at all interested in lace knitting, get a copy while you can. Everything is beautifully charted and all the patterns are from an amazing piece of historical knitting. Just about the best lace book out there, in my opinion.

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  1. I was listening to the weather report while sitting in my shirt sleeves, baking in the sunshine at Starbucks today, here on the Wet Coast. I was glad it's you & not me when they said -37 with the wind chill. Vancouver would just stop functioning with those temps!! They said it was warmer in Yellowknife, Edmonton & even - gasp - Winterpeg, Manisnowba. Send that weather back to Russia where it belongs!!