Sunday, February 2, 2014


On this grey, wintry afternoon, I lit a fire in the fireplace,

and made a pot of tea.

Then I invited Isabel to try on her new cardigan. We were challenged by the lack of daylight, but we persevered. I might be getting better at sweater photos.

For this last photo I had Isabel stand up on our deep windowsill. It worked, as we attempted to squeeze every last bit of light out of the afternoon. Wheatsheaves is now available in my Ravelry store.
P.S. As of 10:30 Monday morning, Wheatsheaves is in Ravelry's top 20 most viewed. Thank you.


  1. It's actually teal heather, but the camera makes it look like a flat blue.

  2. I think it's lovely, no matter what the color!! I think I was the first in line when it came up on Ravelry!! Love that pattern. Can't wait to make it.

  3. What yarn did you use for the gray version of this sweater you model on Ravelry? It's a gorgeous color and the pattern is divine!

    1. Kim,
      I used Cascade Eco Wool in "Vanilla". It's different from Ecru, somehow softer and less yellow. I love the colour, but can't seem to describe it properly. Also Eco Wool is a fantastic wool at a great price. Just ignore the suggested gauge on the wrapper.