Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Simply Clever

I've been engaged in a bit of stealth knitting for the last few days. Isabel's 22nd birthday is coming up next week and there's been some bright blue BFL Sock yarn from Fleece Artist in my stash since last fall waiting for this. The weather having numbed my mind and senses to the point where I needed a knitting "holiday" (mindless knitting, in other words), I launched into a new Hitchhikers Scarf for the birthday event. Just in case you notice that I knit a lot of things in blue, it's because bright blue happens to be I's favourite colour. It's part of how I bribe negotiate all the modelling--she puts up with posing in alpaca in blistering hot weather or in a sleeveless vest in freezing temperatures in return for garments she will enjoy wearing.
The problem with stealth knitting is that it has to be done "stealthily". About ten minutes ago I cast off the aforementioned scarf. I did so whilst listening carefully for sounds of footsteps at our front door, signalling I's return from her morning classes at the university.  The scarf has been hastily hidden behind a trunk in the living room at such strategic moments, and now I'm wondering how on earth I'm to get it blocked without giving its existence away.
While I ponder that difficulty, let me show you some photos (thank goodness, I doesn't read the blog).


This is one of those pattern gems that is delightfully simple and brilliantly clever all at the same time. I think I wrote when I last made this that I was captivated by the little points--the increase at the end of the previous row creates just the right amount of peak to each turn. This is the very best sort of knitting!


  1. I love the color. I would block it on the blocking board and slip it under my bed to dry.

    1. Ah, I don't think I've ever seen a blocking board. I use a towel on the floor for sweaters and beds for lace. I'm obviously living in the dark ages!

    2. I just use a big piece of foam core, the kind my children used to use for displays at science fairs. There is a foam like substance in the center that is covered on both sides with white shiny paper and because it has a foam center, pins can be poked in it to shape garments. That is my inexpensive alternative to blocking boards or foam shapes.

  2. Hitchhiker has long been in my queue. Now you have done it -- you made it in blue!! Cripes, what's a person to do but dig out some blue yarn. I am always getting yarn home and realizing that it's blue. Sigh. At least most things go together. Today I wore a merino blue tweed scarf and new blue socks.

    That green Hitchhiker is gorgeous too. Yep, Hitchhiker definitely moving up on the list.


  3. Hitchhiker is one of my favourites - have made three so far. Am sure your daughter will love it.