Thursday, July 17, 2014


Over the last month, I've made some road trips in Eastern Ontario. Unexpectedly, Merrickville remains a favourite destination. It's the first major stop on the Rideau Canal system south of Ottawa. It should be uninteresting--the countryside is flat, rather than the rolling landscape of pines, lakes, and pink granite farther south--but I find I love this little town on the Rideau.

Next post, I'll show you what I purchased from the Metalsmiths' shop. As usual, I stopped in at Unraveled, where Beckie, the owner, was her usual welcoming self. It was only near the end of my visit that she pointed out something truly unexpected--a substantial stash of Icelandic lace wool in brilliant colours tucked away on a bottom shelf at the back of the shop. Yum! Guess what I've been up to today...


  1. Lovely pictures. Thank you for the inspiration to visit Merrickville this summer! By the way (in case you haven't already been in), Susan at Yarn on Wellington is beefing up her stock. Nice new layout to boot.

  2. I really love your 'old stone buildings' & the quirky metalwork you find with them. There are no stone buildings or many brick ones for that matter on the Wet Coast unless you squint very narrowly at dusk. I guess there were just too many big trees. Wool we have.