Thursday, August 14, 2014

It's All Relative

We're having one of those days -- a day in the middle of summer when it feels more like late September, or maybe even October. It's 1:30 pm here, and the temperature outside has just risen to 16C (that's 60F). Plus it's grey, windy, and damp, so it feels considerably cooler. I've dragged out Harriet's Jacket,

and a pair of wool socks,

and I'm drinking a mug of steaming hot tea. Why does 16C feel balmy in April but freezing cold in August?
Some knitters have written to me on Ravelry asking for a KAL. So far, no consensus on which design. If you have a view, write to me on Ravelry, or here on the blog. It sounds like a fun idea...
P.S. Things could be worse. It's 14C and raining in Ottawa.


  1. Warm & muggy here in Vancouver, BC. The rain is falling gently, just enough to raise the humidity another 10%. Definitely NOT wool weather but you could sneak by with a lovely shawl over your shoulders as you sit under the overhang & drink tea at Starbucks. Not sure if it's lace knitting weather or spinning outdoors weather. But it sure is cherry eating time.

  2. Zora KAL, please Elizabeth. Just cast on the first row and saw your post...thankyou