Wednesday, August 20, 2014

No Two-Timing Here

Last Saturday I took a sock class. As a dyed-in-the-wool dpn/heelflap-and-gusset sock knitter, I thought it would be salutary to learn a) how to do magic loop knitting, b) how to knit two socks at a time, and c) how to knit a shadow wrap heel. So I took Cheryl's class at Rosehaven Yarns and learned all of that. Then I came home, frogged my work, and proceeded to make one-at-a-time socks on dpns. I did, however, incorporate the new heel, and I like how it's made and how it looks. Now I'll have to wear these socks around to see how they fit.

Checking the length before grafting

The two-at-a-time approach seemed fussy to me--too much yarn management to be relaxing. My solution to "second sock syndrome"? Cast on and knit a couple of rounds on Sock The Second immediately after closing up the toe on Sock The First. I'm sure two-timing is fantastic for some people. Just not me.
P.S. The yarn is Regia's North Pole Colour, in case anyone is wondering. Size US 2 needles, 56 sts.


  1. I like that colorway!!!! I know how you feel about socks. While I DID make the jump to two circs for car knitting - the DPs were always falling out, I still prefer to use 4DPs at home relaxing in my chair. I like them top down too. BUT I learned a new heel - simply because I couldn't SEE to pick up the heel flap stitches unless it was high noon - so I learned to knit the gusset increases with the heel flap to make a nice DEEP heel. But mostly, I still make socks the way I learned out of that book in my teens so I could make socks for that gorgeous cowboy boyfriend & my dad, of course.

  2. I agree, two-at-a-time is too fiddly with two balls of yarn, etc. I do encourage you to give 'magic loop' another try, though. The only people I know that don't like magic loop really haven't given it a fair try with a circular with a nice, flexible cable and smooth join (like KnitPicks). I also recently learned the shadow wrap heel and find it to be the only short-row heel that I can execute without annoying holes and gaps.

    1. Thanks, but I can knit with dpns in my sleep. I learned when I was a child and it's quick and automatic for me. (BTW, I did use a Knitpicks circular needle, and I knitted for almost 8 hours.) I'm waiting on a decision on the short row heel until it's had some wear. I'm worried that I might need a deeper heel for my instep. To each her own, I guess. I'm prepared to be the only knitter left using dpns!

  3. I, too, prefer dpns for sock and glove knitting...and I've tried all other methods. Will occasionally use 2 circs when traveling on a plane so not to annoy those around me, or possibly to lose a needle....also prefer top down.
    Thanks for a great blog!