Monday, August 4, 2014


Here's a cringe-inducing quick photo of me in my new Indigodragonfly Wheatsheaves Scarf.

Although I'm not delighted to have greying hair and wrinkles, I like that this "selfie" shows off the drapiness of the merino wool scarf. Now, I'd better tackle those messy bookshelves in the background! Or wait, maybe I'll do a few rows on my new cardigan before I get to those shelves...
P.S. Did anyone else notice the handknitted slipover worn by "Frank", in the premiere episode of "Outlander"? I read somewhere that knitted stuff had been commissioned for the series, and I have to say, those British knitters never disappoint.


  1. Your scarf looks amazing. And so do you. You have experience written into your face & what's wrong with that??? Leave those bookshelves alone - they look loved, read & treasured. And isn't that the way books should be??

  2. you look lovely and your scarf does too. What's wrong with your bookshelves? I agree with Sharon, leave them alone and do some more rows. Love your blog by the way, never commented before but have been following for quite a while.