Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wolfe Island Gansey

This was done before I headed off for the retreat in Prince Edward County. What you see here is the first iteration. So far there are handwritten notes and charts in only one size. No photos so far on a human being, Isabel being too caught up in things at Queen's to donate any of her time (this version is in her size).

I chose to steek this little cardi to make the gansey pattern (Arbroath marriage lines) easier to work. Every row is an "action" row, which makes it much simper to work when the right side is always facing. I took this prototype with me to the retreat as an example of a non-stranded steeked garment. The yarn is Quince & Co's Lark in "Honey". My own name for it is "Dijon", but colour is in the eye of the beholder I guess. Discussions are underway at the dinner table concerning the colour for the next iteration. Red? 
FYI, Wolfe Island, named after the British General Wolfe, is just a short ferry ride from my front door.


  1. I love this gansey; it kind of speaks its own language.

  2. That is just perfect. Wonderful lines & details. It's beyond my skill level but I covet and aspire to it!


    1. After teaching a steeking class last weekend, in which at least one participant had been knitting for only a little over a year, I doubt this is really beyond your skill level. Perhaps it would be a good idea for me to walk knitters through it step by step in the way I did with Harriet's Jacket.

    2. That would be lovely! I was going to say, Let me know if you do it -- when I realised I subscribe to your blog, and will certainly see if you do. :)