Monday, December 8, 2014


Turns out that the first Sunday in December is an excellent time to hold a party. People aren't yet in holiday rush mode, the chances of decent (read "non-snowy") weather are favourable, and with the darker days, everyone is in the mood for a bit of jolliness, especially if knitting is involved. So, yesterday I gathered together a group of knitting friends for soup, crackers, and cheese, and we ate, chatted and, best of all, shared ideas.

There's a good chance that this will become an annual event.


  1. A great afternoon, Elizabeth. Thank you.

  2. The knitters here get together for dinner two or three times a year. Our last get-together was a farewell to one of the gang, who has taken a new job and relocated. But the time before that, we held a yarn swap: we all went through our stashes and found the perfectly nice yarn that we wonder why we bought because we NEVER wear lime-green anything, or the purple variegated silk that got started three or four times but couldn't find the right pattern, or the one and a half skeins of Cascade 220 left over from a gift four years ago, or the four balls of why the heck did I buy sock yarn because I hate to knit socks?. We also brought the knitting magazines we were done with, and some people even had old knitting needles from old knitting relatives or friends. After dinner, we all found treasures that had been mired in each other's stash. It was great company, better than shopping, and I've already seen some of what's happened with the yarn that got swapped.

  3. Thanks so much for hosting us, Elizabeth. It was great to meet and hang out with such talented (and fun!) women.