Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Everything Wool Ought to Be

It's no longer a secret that I'm working on a book, and to that end I'm exploring yarn and colourway options. It's difficult to gauge colour from a computer screen, as anyone who has been disappointed after receipt of a mail-ordered package knows, so recently I sent away for this. It arrived yesterday.

It's a pack of colour cards from Quince & Co.  After working on the Wolfe Island Gansey last October, I realized that Quince's wools are exceptional. They're soft, elastic, non-superwash, and available in a distinctive and beautiful palette--in other words, everything that wool should be. I won't totally restrict myself to this wool, but it will form the core of my choices. (As an aside, if you are looking to try out some Quince yarns and happen to live in Eastern Ontario, they are now available at Rosehaven Yarns in Picton.)
With James' Modern Gansey ready for his birthday tomorrow, I've been spending the last twenty-four hours playing with some of Quince's "Lark". The colour is "Slate", a sort of greenish, bluish grey, rather like a subdued spruce. Naturally, it doesn't look quite right on my own screen. How annoying!

No, this is not a tea cosy! It's a tam, of the loose, floppy sort worn by the lead character in the 1993 version of The Secret Garden, one of my favourite movies. (That's a whole other blog post...)

I've disrupted the garter stitch ridges with columns of slipped stitches to camouflage the start-of-round jog. And I've tried to address the perennial problem of tams--the need to make the head opening snug enough that the whole thing doesn't slide down over one eye. More of that in a future post.

The whole thing is soaking in a bowl of soapy water in the kitchen. When done, I'll attach a tassel to it, plunk it on Isabel, and judge how my efforts have turned out.
Still no snow here,

although there is a dusting half an hour north in Westport.

Happy New Year.


  1. You may have our snow if you'd like. (These cold,frigid fronts are headed east.)
    I loved that movie too. There was one child in our family who watched it over and over and was very soon acting like the unreformed Mary for several hours a day. I was in shock; later, we discovered she had bipolar disorder, which made perfect sense.
    Happy New Year--wishing you many more blue skies!

  2. Hope your son models his new sweater for us. I know he'll be thrilled when you ask him ;) Thank you for your lovely and inspirational blog. I love The Secret Garden too. So you like The Little Princess movie released around the same time? I like that one too.

  3. I didn't know there was a Little Princess movie made around that time. I loved the book, read to me by my grandmother (from a first edition), but I never liked the 1930s Shirley Temple movie.

  4. The newer one is much better than the Shirley Temple one. Your son's sweater is BEAUTIFUL! He will pass that down one day...I still have some sweaters my grandmother made and I passed a few down to my daughter. Your knits look more like heirlooms than any I've seen lately. Well done...