Monday, February 23, 2015

A Three-Course Dinner

Here we are on the 23rd of February, supposedly late winter, and the temp at 10:45 am is -19C. And that might be the high for the day. If this is climate change, I need to re-think where I live. At least there's a need for lots of knitted things. I just took this photo of myself at the computer to show how I'm managing to stay warm up here on the third floor of a 172-year-old house with windows so frosted over I can't even see outside.

That's Petrova, buttoned up to the max, with a down vest over top. The new fingerless gloves are being put to good use. I confess that I hadn't realized what a good job they to do to keep a body warm. You can't see it, but I've got my nice warm Mackay shawl over my knees as additional laying. So far so good.

To stay entertained until the weather outside becomes more hospitable, I've temporarily given up my monogamous knitter status. Let's think of my various projects as courses in a dinner. Herewith, the appetizer:
This is some handpun just cast on for a new top-down design. Don't want to show more just yet...
Then there's the main course:

These mitts take about ten minutes to make. OK, a little longer than that, but seriously, I knitted the cuff on the second mitten in about ten minutes. The "Puffin" is soft and sort of felted--like Lopi that doesn't scratch or pill much. I'll still have to make some smaller-gauge liners. One layer of mitts, even in a wool so thick and felted as Puffin, won't cut it on a day like this.
Finally, of course, there has to be dessert:

Meriel, of Anwyn Yarns, recently taught me how to long-draw, so now I can produce woollen- as opposed to worsted-spun yarn. This is a batt from Frabjous Fibers. It's going quickly and by this time tomorrow should be plied and drying (slowly, given the temp) in readiness for knitting. This even has a bit of sparkle. Usually I spin with a specific project in mind, but not this time. More than one project on the go? Spinning without a specific goal? Sparkle? What's happening to me?


  1. Ugh. You have my heartfelt sympathies about your weather. We, on the other hand, are having an early spring after a mild wet winter here on the Wet Coast. It is currently 10 degrees - not the warmest in the last few days but not too shabby. The spring flowers are out, the rhubarb is 6" tall & my clematis is budding. Looks like a long, hot, dry summer ahead . . . .

  2. In southern Sweden we have hardly had any winter at all. Autumn lasted until the middle of December and now spring is here. It is very strange indeed and I must admit that I have missed snow and skiing.

  3. Winter is getting to you! On this side of the lake, it's been so cold for so long, without a thaw, that water mains are freezing in a way I've never seen them freeze. Outside colors vary from white to slushy gray and then back to white. Given all that, everyone needs a little sparkle in her life!