Sunday, May 10, 2015

On Mother's' Day

You'd think that on Mother's Day a mother could count on a little cooperation, even a smile or two, but no, it seems that modelling a sweater might be too heavy a burden for my new computer science grad. Never were so many sad, bored, and/or sullen faces made in the course of trying to get a few decent photos of a new sweater. The background was perfect...

The sweater was perfect...

The picots were perfect...

Heck, even the buttons were perfect...

But sadly, the model was not in the mood.

This was the happiest moment of the shoot, 

at least until I called it quits.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. What a lovely thing it turned out to be! She will be glad to have it with her even though she wasn't in the mood for posing. Just wait till she tells you about the people who have admired her sweater and their astonishment at her airy reply, "my mother made me this."

  2. It is exquisite and an inspiration for me to explore Quince yarns.

    1. You might like to know that in addition to being non-superwash and therefore very "mouldable", the Chickadee is next-to-skin soft. This cardi will be going to Silicon Valley for the summer, where it will be perfect for Bay area breezes and air-conditioned offices.

  3. Was there some deleting going on?? Tsk tsk - and you went & knit that lovely sweater too. Too bad your model doesn't like to model - she's good at it & quite photogenic. I really love her in Brookline & Zora. And the sweaters are pretty darned photogenic too.