Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Colour Play

From time to time I enjoy checking out the Ravelry projects knitters have made from my patterns. Today I was wowed by CathyCake's Fibonacci.

Memo to self: next time I visit a fibre festival or new yarn shop, be on the lookout for gradient fingering weight yarns. Better yet, click onto Twisted Fiber Art and order direct (exchange rate on our dollar be damned!)
Next up, beatz58's Harriet.

Sometimes I'm blown away by the creativity that knitters bring to my designs. Beautiful!


  1. Hello Liz, I have only just discovered the world of spinning and have decided to take the slow & steady route in via the drop spindle. Finding your blog is just the inspiration I need to continue. If I could become competent enough to spin enough yarn for one of your beautiful designs, what a wonderful thing that would be. Thank you.

  2. Wendy,
    I still consider myself a newbie at spinning, even though I've made garments from both spindle-spun and wheel-spun wool. I definitely prefer the former as an activity. Best wishes for you in your fibre adventures, and do check out Abby Franquemont's books and videos (some on Youtube now).