Sunday, June 21, 2015

You say Pom Pom, I say Pom Pon

Both are considered correct, but I learnt the latter, which is an earlier version and closer to the source French, so in this post, "pom pon" it is. Had a change of mind yesterday morning, and added a medium-sized pom pon to my handspun tam. I really like the mix of colours in this little adornment.

And here is a better view of the colour mix in some of the leftover roving.

So soft and hazy, like this very warm and muggy first day of summer here. I'd say the humidity is oppressive, except that I've lived in Washington, DC and by that standard, it's fresh.

A good day to be on the water,

but probably because there are storms predicted this afternoon, the waterfront (at least at the bottom of my street) was pretty much deserted.


  1. I say pompom but for a much different reason. When my sister (14 months older than I) was learning to talk, she did not say Grandpa for our mother's father. It came out PomPom and has been for 73 years!

    We loved PomPom unconditionally. Lovely lovely man.

  2. That is beautiful, inspiration enough to keep me practising at the drop spindle. I am also a pom pom girl only because I never knew of pom pon. It is an education visiting this lovely blog.